We offer CNC milling

+ From drawing to finished product.

+ Fast and high quality order delivery.

+ High accuracy.

+ A large volume in a short time.

We work with various materials:

– plywood;
– solid wood;
– MDF;
– HPL;
– Plastic;
– Aluminium;

– etc.

Maximum surface area per sheet – 2010x3020x200mm

Before executing each order, we prepare a drawing and agree on an exact price offer.

The service fee depends on the shape, type and thickness of the material, and the complexity of the drawing. The price is cheaper for regular customers.

What we can mill?

different forms

3D shapes up to 20mm thick;
milled through the material;
precisely embed one form into another;
Different patterns and images can be cut;
Engrave various texts and logos;
Quickly and easily cut many identical parts;
Continuously cut parts of different sizes on one sheet of material.
And perform many other machining operations with very high precision and maintaining consistent quality.